Friday, March 28, 2008

March You Say?

This was the lovely view we woke up to this morning. Lovely in December, January or February--not so lovely at the end of March! To those of us who couldn't resist the garden goodies at Costco and are dying to get them planted, this is not a happy sight! Keep warm!




Katie said...

Eeeeeuuuuuu what IS that stuff? hee hee. Come on over to my blog for lots of spring pictures! Flowers and chicks and such!

Dolly said...

Hey Steph,
Better you then me! te-hee!

I can feel your pain!

I am so ready for spring too!
I resisted buying roses at Costco easter weekend because we still have so much snow up here!
I think mother nature is confused!


Have a great weekend,
Hugz, Dolly

kacey said...

out blog hopping and found your blog. I'm SO over winter.

Your pictures in the previous post are gorgeous! Well, the snow ones are pretty too, but I'm SO over snow!!

You have some wonderful photos on your blog.

the kittens' mother said...

It might not be a happy sight, but it sure is a beautiful one!!

Hope Spring comes soon for you! From Meg and cats xxx

kris said...

Gee, this looks pretty much like what I woke up today! :) It's in the 40's already, so will be gone soon, but still... I keep telling myself spring snows are great for the gardens - but I really, really want to be out there playing in the dirt!