Saturday, July 19, 2008

Violet The Watch Dog

This is Violet, the watch dog. She is watching for squirrels or, if she's really lucky, deer. She will bark violently and summon her partners in crime to help her really raise a ruckus.
Here is Adam taking his turn watching for the deer to come and eat the neighbor's apples.
This is poor Faust who can't figure out how to fit himself on the little settee. He's a bit embarrassed by this and has to do all his barking from the ground.Photobucket
As you can see, being a watch dog is hard work. There is a lot of waiting involved.
Watch dogs springing into action!

What the watch dogs watch!



Ruth Welter said...

Hi Stephanie, I really love your dogs, they are very beautiful. Such a lovely breed. I have 3 myself only they are tiny! Some lovely deer photos you have captured. I just lucked upon a family of deer last week and snapped some myself. I thought it was a lucky find to stumble upon them the way I did. Enjoy your weather and your sweet dogs.

Kathy said...

AWWWW! Aren't they sweet! Such GOOD watch dogs! LOL! That's how my "watch" dog keeps watch too! LOL!

preppy little dress said...

too cute the dogs watching the deer - good thing they were inside!

Susie Q said...

They are just beautiful dogs Stephanie. What fun thigs they see from your windows!