Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More of This and That

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Summer has clearly arrived and how. By next week I will be a grandmother for the 4th time- life can be pretty wonderful.

I've been on a needlepoint kick of late and this is one of the results. I think it will be going to a friend in the Netherlands for her 85th birthday! Off to the post office I go!


Although I'm very fond of my old house- it does have issues. One of these issues if the red squirrel that haunts the attics. The chewing and rolling of walnuts is driving me crazy. Since the breeding season for them is over---I have declared war. I have found a company that will trap and relocate the little darlings to a location elsewhere. Sometimes it pays to be a good guest and not eat your host's house!


Hello Annabelle! It's easy to see why she's such a favorite- all you need to do is plant it and get out of the way.
I thought the new garden was looking so cute now that the petunias are filling in.
Happy Fourth!


Toni said...

Happy Fourth of July to you...Cant wait to see pics of your new Grandbaby...I have the same armillery in my garden. I love your old house..we restored a old house and I miss it sometimes..our place now is old but we did a total gutt job on it and redid most of it with new...Have a good week..Toni

Kathie said...

your house just looks so inviting!
oh love your new garden I would love to sit there or on the porch with a big glass of lemonade.
very nice needlepoint pillow, lucky lady she is to receive this as a gift.

Dolly said...

Happy 4th to you too Miss Greenie your garden looks nice!
Are you doing anything special this weekend?
The weather is supposed to be wonderful!

When we bought our old house there was a racoon living in the attic! The former owner thought it was cute!
Can you imagine?
We had a squirrel get into the attic once and into the basement another time!
Oh the fun stories from old house owners!

Have a fun weekend,

P.S. Keeping Heather and baby in our prayers!

Sue said...

Wow the house and your gardens are looking gorgeous.