Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Marvelous Mini

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Yep, it's here! I am in car heaven. This is my ultimate car. I am in car love!
I do not recommend test driving this car unless you are prepared to buy one because you just won't be able to help yourself---it's that great. Of course no one but me would buy a convertible in October. Hope you have better sense. At least get the heated seats!
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restyled home said...

What a know how to pick 'em!!


Sue said...

Cute as can be. I will be looking for you on the highway! Congratulations on such an adorable little beauty and best wishes for many miles of top down fun.

Rosehaven Cottage said...

What a cutie of a car! And I love the shot of it in front of your gorgeous home. Happy driving! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Kari said...

It's a beauty! How fast does it go? (Don't tell me you don't know the answer right off the top of your head - I won't believe

And just how do you plan on driving this thing in Michigan in the winter? Don't worry. I'm here to help. Send it down my way and I'll keep it nice and safe until spring. lol

Blog a Blurb said...

Awesome! Beautiful. What a better time then fall -- all the better to see those beautiful leaves. Love the race stripes and heated seats, even here I have them and love 'em! Have a BLAST!!!

Susie Q said...

So, I was already in serious envy over your house and NOW you do it to me again with your car!! It is as adorable as can be!! I love the colors! Way cool dear heart!

Drive it in good health and with much happiness!


kris said...

Cute car! What fun that will be. The year my hubby and I turned 40, we bought a Corvette to celebrate - and yes we bought it in November. We drove it home and had to put it right into storage! We sure had fun the next spring though!!

Love your house!