Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Here!

I honestly thought Spring would never come. I'm so happy I was wrong. Almost all the roses made it though the winter! These are some pictures of the early bloomers (not roses).



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Ruth Welter said...

Hi Stephanie, ah, your spring garden is looking just beautiful!! You and me both, I thought it would never come either and now it is has been so warm and beautiful. I'm off tomorrow to buy annuals. Enjoy your lovely flowers.

...... Kristina ...... said...

Hi Stephanie,
The first picture of the blue flowers is lovely,we have just had the same pop up in our garden....we have had lovely warm summery sunshine today in the UK but this afternoon back to cold and rain.
Love Kristina X

Sue said...

It has finally arrived and not a minute too soon. Your flowers look great. Can't wait to see your roses. I never did get around to getting any last fall with all the wedding goings on so will have to enjoy yours if that's alright with you ;)

Toni said...


I hope spring brings better health for both you and your husband.

Your flowers are so pretty..Spring has surely sprung by you.

We are behind but surely we get our turn. There is still ice on the lake but it looks like with a little sun and some wind it will clear out.

Hoping for sunny skies...Toni